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Nova Series

DOBOT Nova Series
Collaborative Robots

The DOBOT Nova Series comes with 2 kg and 5 kg maximum payload options. Nova cobots are ultralight and easy to use. Multiple built-in safety features ensure versatility across various commercial applications, including beverage, restaurants, physiotherapy and more. Customizable outer shell colors allow for coherent styling in stores.

Nova Series

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Highly Portable. Requires Only 1 m² of Space.

The Nova Series has maximum reach of 625-850 mm. They are 33%-44% lighter and 20% smaller than CR counterparts. Palm-sized control box makes rapid deployment possible without the need to alter store layout.

Easy to Use.
No Experience Required.

Industry leading programming methods such as replaying user guided trajectory and graphical user interface require no coding knowledge. Users in the retail and hospitality industries can easily incorporate Nova cobots into standardized workflow upon completion of training course. Effortlessly monitor cobot activities and manage software upgrades over the cloud.

Safety Enhanced. Protection Ensured.

Nova cobots are equipped with intelligent sensors with 5 adjustable protection levels. Operation stops in 0.01 second upon collision detection to secure the safety of people. Additional safety features such as human motion sensing and posture freeze upon power shutoff offer much desired human-robot collaboration in the commercial sector.

Customize Nova to Work Seamlessly with You.

The Nova series offers exterior customization options. Mix and match color combinations that work with your brand.

Nova Series

Model Nova 2 Nova 5
Weight 11 kg 14 kg
Maximum Payload 2 kg 5 kg
Working Radius 625 mm 850 mm
Maximum Speed of TCP 1.6 m/s 2 m/s

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Nova Series

Model Nova 2 Nova 5
Weight 11 kg 14 kg
Maximum Payload 2 kg 5 kg
Working Radius 625 mm 850 mm
Maximum Speed of TCP 1.6 m/s 2 m/s
Range of Motion J1 ± 360°
J2 ± 180°
J3 ± 156° ± 160°
J4 ± 360°
J5 ± 360°
J6 ± 360°
Maximum Joint Speed J1 135 °/s 100 °/s
J2 135 °/s 100 °/s
J3 135 °/s 100 °/s
J4 135 °/s 100 °/s
J5 135 °/s 100 °/s
J6 135 °/s 100 °/s
End IO DI/DO 2 inputs
RS485 Supported
Repeatability ±0.05 mm
IP Rating IP54
Noise 65 dB(A) 70 dB(A)
Environment 0° to 50° C
Power Consumption Typical 100W 230W
Maximum 250W 770W
Installation Orientation Any angle
Cable Length from Robot to Controller 3 m
Materials ABS plastic



Dimensions 200 mm x 120 mm x 55 mm ( 7.9 in x 4.7 in x 2.2 in)
Weight 1.3 kg
Input Power 30~60V DC
IO Power 24V, Max 2A, Max 0.5A for each channel
IO Interface DI 8 inputs(NPN or PNP)
DO 8 inputs(NPN or PNP)
AI 2 inputs, voltage mode, 0~10V
AO 2 outputs, voltage mode, 0~10V
Remote Power On/Off Supported
Communication Interface Network Interface 2, for TCP/IP and Modbus TCP communication
USB 2, for connecting USB wireless module
485 Interface 1, for RS485 and Modbus RTU communication
Environment Temperature 0° to 50° C
Humidity ≤95%,non-condensation
IP Rating IP20
Cooling Mode Passive heat loss
Teaching Mode PC、APP(Android、iOS)
  • User Manual

  • Control Software

  • 3D Model / Dimension Drawing

  • Secondary Development

* The above data is the test results obtained by Dobot Laboratory under controlled experimental conditions, which may have slight differences from those in actual application scenarios.

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