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Cobot Welding Solution

Cobot Welding Solution

Simple, efficient, convenient, and safe
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Challenges of Traditional Welding Processes

Are you facing the following troubles?
Difficult installation, complex programming, and reliance on specialized engineers for traditional industrial robots is not conducive to later modification or maintenance.
Lack of sufficient safety measures in traditional automation may cause workplace accidents.
Instability in manual welding may cause human errors.
Skilled technical workers are required for welding, resulting in high recruitment and training costs.
Limited workspace and single welding mode of traditional welding equipment cannot meet the demand of customized production.

Dobot Welding Software

The high-performance collaborative robots and professional welding software developed by Dobot help to quickly integrate the required arc welding or laser welding applications. The welding software is compatible with various mainstream welding machines, supporting arc swinging modes such as triangular, spiral, trapezoidal, sinusoidal, and more, which makes your automated production line more robust.
The solution has a simple and easy-to-use welding process package developed by Dobot. It can go from debugging to production in as fast as 30 minutes.
Using cobots for welding is a reliable solution to ensure product consistency, unlike repetitive manual work that is susceptible to errors.
Safely collaborative
The cobot comes with an advanced level 5 collision detection capability, guaranteeing the safety of human-robot collaboration without the need for safety fences. This enables a higher level of safety to be achieved.
Quick return
There is no requirement for on-site instructions as regular workers can easily grasp the usage of the platform, resulting in low maintenance costs in the later stages. Once it is implemented, the platform typically recovers its cost within a span of 8-10 months.

Dobot Welding Software Platform Advantages

Simple process

Simple process

4 steps to start your journey to welding automation:
Step 1:
Choose the brand of the welding machine
Step 2:
Set the communication method for your welding machine
Step 3:
Set welding parameters
Step 4:
Complete the graphical programming to start welding

Versatile features

Versatile features

It supports communication methods such as DeviceNet, Modbus, and analog quantity;
It supports welding modes such as MIG, MAG, and TIG;
It supports manual debugging features such as simulated welding, manual wire feeding, wire retraction, gas check,and spot welding;
It provides multiple arc swinging methods;
(as shown in the right picture);
It supports arc start retry, re-ignition after arc breaking, and the wire sticking removal feature;
It supports advanced features such as contact positioning,laser positioning, and laser tracking.

Strong adaptability

Strong adaptability

It has the capability to adjust to over 10 leading welding machine brands globally, providing a range of communication options including DeviceNet, Modbus, and analog quantity.

Easy to get started

Easy to get started

Achieving the calibration of various welding points is made simple with the drag-and-drop teaching technique. This encompasses the calibration of the safety point, arc start point, middle path, arc extinguishing point, and the end point. By utilizing the data from end-effector force control, the robot guarantees precise calibration of these points, leading to a seamless welding outcome. The drag-and-drop teaching method streamlines the debugging process, making it effortless to complete.
The robot allows users to freely drag objects and has end-effector force control. It can accurately calibrate a sequence of welding points using drag-and-drop teaching, including setting safety, arc start, middle path, arc extinguishing, and end points. Additionally, it can quickly set up welding tasks.

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Dobot Mobile Welding Platform

Intelligent Mobile Welding Platform
1220 mm x 800 mm x 945 mm (Platform dimension does not include pipeline package height)
Weldable Range
(R600 - R1200) x 180°
200 kg(Platform weight does not include weight of welding machines,robots, wire feeders)
Robot Effective Reach
1300 mm
Robot Payload
10 kg
Software built-in functions
Welding Process Package、Drag-and-Drop Teaching

Adoption Across Industries

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